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BO Ecig - Bo One Kit

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The BO One e-cig is an all in one device designed for veteran vapers and newcomers alike. The BO works like the My. Von Erl by utilising disposable pods that can be replaced easily and quickly.
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1 x Bo eCigarette Battery
1 x Bo Gold RX E-Liquid Cap (16mg Nicotine)
1 x Bo Arctical Menthol E-Liquid Cap (8mg Nicotine)
1 x Magnetic Charger

Unique disposable liquid pod system
Lightweight and ergonomically designed
Magnetic USB charger
380 mAh battery
1.5ml pod capacity
2 x BO pods/caps (Artical Menthol and Gold RX Tobacco flavours - 8mg and 16mg nicotine strengths respectively)
Dimensions: 100mm x 15mm x 8mm

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Staff Review

the Bo+ set the bar too high.

Pod systems in general are fantastic and I really don't think they get the praise they should, why do I think this? Well put it this way, kits like these have been around for a lot longer than you think, take the normal cigarette looking kits for example, they were the first pod systems around with a rechargeable battery and a cartomiser which housed the coil, wicking material en e-liquid. Once a cartomiser was depleted, it was simply thrown out and replaced with a new one. In a sense, pod systems are the grandfathers of vaping and I do love a good pod kit. The Bo is a great example of such a kit, having nothing wrong with it in my opinion and I will try and explain why it's so great with the following statement. Nearly everyone I see in the streets walking around vaping is carrying a huge mod with 2 or more 18650 batteries, a big tank which produces gigantic clouds and there's nothing wrong with that, that's the way we like it, damn it! But have you ever been so annoyed with the weight of the thing? It ways a tonne and I have to admit some mods genuinely weigh my pocket down so much, I usually put them in my bag which is a pain. Pod kits such as the Bo+ replace all of that bulk with a simple, easy to use device which is in my opinion ,better. The pods are fantastic since they incorporate today's generation of coils, nothing cheap which will "get you by". The major advantage I see is the nicotine delivery and I say this since if you ever wanted to change out a flavour mid-day, you have to get your hands dirty and on top of that, people usually cary around a big bottle but not with the bo+. It uses pods, obviously but they can each be filled with a variety of liquids and nicotine strengths so if you are having a horrible day and need a good vape, you can switch out pods and vape an 18mg in a matter of seconds and when you want to take it easy, you can simply pop a 6mg pod with a different flavour of E-Jucie or E-Liquid or however you want to call it if you so choose and take it easy. Great, we've covered the advantages of pod systems but let's talk about the Bo+. Easily one of my favourites second only to the Smok Inflix, the Bo+ is the big brother of the original Bo. I say big brother since the Bo+ features a bigger battery and that's about it, you can even interchange pods form the old one so if you have a few of those pods laying around, you can still run them. Battery life is good, with a decent vape time and you can even charge it on the go since everyone has a portable charger today or if not, then you can use any available usb port off a laptop. With all that Jazz out of the way, any pod kit you chose will make your life better and with less hassle, you can focus on the world around you and not that huge bulk of metal waving around in your pocket!

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By Yianno